Foot care tips for fall and winter

When it gets colder outside, the feet need extra care. In the cold season our feet are exposed to extreme stress. A special foot care regime in autumn and winter is recommended to keep our feet happy. Why? Our skin in autumn and winter suffers particularly under dry heating air as well as the cold temperature. Our feet, however, are the most striking, because they are often wrapped in heavy boots, often for the whole day. The consequences: heat accumulation, lack of air circulation, wet feet.

Foot care tips and tricks for the cold season.
Ventilated socks

Not only in the summer, but also in autumn or winter, you should take off your socks when you are at home. Run barefoot is best. The feet need air to breathe. When temperatures drop, we often tend to cover our feet with socks throughout the day. But that’s exactly what makes the skin dry. For this reason, wear socks made of natural fibres in the winter. In combination with breathable shoes, these ensure a temperature compensation.

Regular lotion

Dry feet are not uncommon in the winter. To protect your feet from major discomfort, you should apply a rich cream to your feet in the morning and in the evening. Special foot creams support the natural sebum production and the protective film of the skin. Do you have extremely cracked feet? Then get a cream with 10% urea or aloe vera.

Cold feet

Do you wear tight shoes? Inhibited blood flow may be a possible cause of cold feet. This is bad, especially since the blood vessels in fall and winter are more contracted than usual. However, cold feet can also be caused, for example, by diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, decreased circulation, being overweight, smoking, low or high blood pressure. In such cases, seek medical advice from a physician.

What can help against cold feet? First of all, you should wear shoes that are not too tight and allow a good circulation of the feet. A foot massage is another common natural and therapeutic way to restore proper circulation and warmth to your feet

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