Policies and Procedure

Covid-19 screening

Please download and complete our Covid-19 pre-screening form before every appointment or clinical with Angie’s Foot Care. You may be required to complete a temperature check prior to entering the clinic.

Application requirements

Courses being offered are designed for graduates of heath care programs, including but not limited to Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses. Angie’s Foot Care reserves the right to deny any applications to any courses or clinical practice due to the applicant not meeting eligibility requirements. 

Payment and cancellation
  1. Payment can be made via email money transfer, PayPal, or credit card. Students choosing to use PayPal or Credit will be charged an additional 3% service fee.
  2. Email money transfer can be made to info@angiesfootcare.ca. Please notify us beforehand, so we can add you to the course manually.
  3. Please make your security question/answer for email transfers as follows:
    • Question: What are you studying?
    • Answer: foot care
  4. All payment are non refundable, however, should you have to cancel, you may be eligible to reschedule your training on a case by case scenario. Should you have to cancel for any reason please contact us at info@angiesfootcare.ca or 705-264-1208.
  5. Angie’s Foot Care reserves the right to cancel any clinical dates, if minimum participants are not reached before posted clinical start date. If the course is cancelled due to minimum numbers not reached, you will be contacted to reschedule.
Course requirements
  1. Students must pass an examination to continue to the clinical portion.
  2. Nursing and PSW Foot Care Clinical is mandatory to receive certificate.
Computer requirements
  1. Computer and Internet access is required for theoretical portion on the course.

Every effort has been made to provide accurate information and the content of each chapter has been referenced with medical professionals and may differ from other opinions as new research and information is constantly changing.

Angie’s Foot Care will not be held liable to anyone for inaccuracies, errors, or omissions with respect to any material or the transmissions or delivery of any material obtained from this website. All information contained within this course material is strictly the opinion of Angie’s Foot Care. Reproduction of this material is only allowed with strict written permission of Angie’s Foot Care.

Minimum and maximum participants for all clinical hands on training
  • Minimum 5 students clinical
  • Maximum 10 students clinical
  • One on one hands on training is available to students if requested.
Special considerations
  1. If you require accommodations, please contact us to discuss how and if we are able to accommodate your needs.
  2. If there are any instances in which you require special considerations, Angie’s Foot Care is available to discuss your situation.
  3. All cases will be met on a case by case basis.
Last minute cancellations and missed appointments

We do require a 24-hour notice on all cancellations when calling the clinic. We do recognize that situations happen that is out of our control, it is important to notify us of your cancellation as soon as possible.

Anyone who misses their appointment will be considered a no show and will be charged for a missed appointment.

  • No show fee in home (when travel involved): $50
  • Last minute cancelation: $20
Foot care coverage through OHIP or other insurance

Unfortunately, OHIP coverage for foot care is not offered. Coverage plans vary between insurers; the best way to find out if your insurance provides coverage for foot care is to check your policy or contact them directly. At this time, our clinic doesn’t offer direct billing services, but will provide you with appropriate documentation you may be required to submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

Foot care coverage for veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs

Yes, there are some nursing foot care services that are covered. For more information, please visit their website.