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Angelika Fizzell
Certified Compression Fitter
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Who we are

Angie’s Foot Care is nestled in the heart of Timmins Ontario. Angelika brings 13 years of combined experience in the field of foot and lower limb care, community nursing, occupational health.

Angelika Fizzell’s credentials include Registered Practical Nurse, Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse, Educator and is also distinguished in numerous specialties Wound Care and Compression Therapy to name a few. For the past four years, she has also been teaching the basic and advanced foot care course at the Timmins campus of Northern College.

Angelika Fizzell is passionate about medical foot care and brings a high standard of care and competencies in-patient care and follows through with every patient concern. Angelika makes it her priority to take her time with each patient she treats and customizes their plan of care to the highest standards ensuring quality clinic visits that are result oriented.

Why you need us

For proper detection, treatment and care of your feet, and to reduce foot-related problems.

How we can help

Angie’s Foot Care provides each client with the care, knowledge and products to help them enjoy a better quality of life. With feet being the very foundation that holds us up every day, this business is an ode to each step that we’ve taken on our journey.

We offer comprehensive care, a people first mentality, client knowledge, and an ever expanding range of services. We are also registered with Veterans Affairs Canada, and may be covered through your health insurance provider.

Personalized services

We offer personalized advanced and diabetic foot care in a variety of settings, including our clinic, clients’ homes, retirement facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and work places. Our in-home services establish a caring relationship which allows us to provide the specific care needed by our clients.

Professional services

Our medical foot care clinic treats a wide range of foot care problems, as we try to exceed our clients expectations by providing superior care through our commitment to excellence. These treatments include, but are not limited to the following:

Please note that we also accept physician foot care referrals. Simply download our patient referral form to get the process started.

Educational online training

We believe that prevention is one of the best forms of treatment, and as such, we offer a wide breadth of health teachings in relation to the various aspects of foot health. In addition, online training courses for basic and advanced foot care are now available through our website. Sign up and get started today!

Foot care products

We are proud vendors of two essential foot care products, available through special order only.

Natural therapeutic gels and creams

GEHWOL has spent over 140 years creating therapeutic products using natural ingredients that focus on inward healing to achieve outer beauty. The best combination of nature and science.

Medical compression stockings

Everyone legs can feel better while wearing medical compression stockings, specially those of us who spend too much time inactive, desk-bound or in a prolonged standing positions. Bauerfeind medical compression stockings are of most benefit to individuals with a combination of leg complaints.

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